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BULATS Speaking and Writing Tests
These two tests measure the productive language skills or both written and oral English needed for business in real world situations.

They assess your ability to use language for workplace purposes such as making introductions, asking and answering questions, and stating an opinion.

The BULATS Speaking Test
The Speaking Test is a face-to-face interview in three parts that takes about 12 to 15 minutes. It includes a brief introduction, followed by a presentation and then an information exchange role play.

There is also a new online BULATS Speaking test. This five part test can be seen in the tutorial and you can take an actual demo test on our Online Demo Tests web page.

What does it test?
The BULATS Speaking test assesses speaking skills in relation to the workplace. The test is made up of three parts: a face-to-face interview, a short presentation and an information exchange discussion.

To ensure the highest standard of accuracy, all BULATS Speaking & Writing tests are double-marked by two highly trained and Cambridge ESOL-licensed examiners.

In the Speaking test, you take that actual exam in a face-to-face interview with the first examiner. That session is recorded and then marked by a second examiner.

Their assessment is based on:

  how accurately and appropriately a candidate uses the language (grammar and vocabulary)
how well they develop the conversation and organize their ideas
how fluently they speak
how comprehensible their pronunciation is
how positively they contribute to the conversation.

You can take a sample demo test by clicking
here. And you can download Vantage’s BULATS Speaking Test Tips at the bottom of this page.


The BULATS Writing Test
The BULATS Writing test assesses writing skills and knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. The Writing test has two parts and lasts 45 minutes.

It comes in a standard paper version and a new online version where candidates type their writing samples.

Part I: Short Email/Message/Letter (50–60 words).
The candidate is given a short text, such as an email, letter extract or memo as well as guidelines for writing a follow-up reply. It’s recommended to spend about 15 minutes on this first part of the test.

Part 2: Report or Letter (180–200 words). The candidate will write a short report or letter following some brief instructions. In Part II, candidates choose a task from two alternatives. They have approximately 30 minutes for this section.
What does it test?
BULATS Writing test assesses writing skills in relation to real world business situations.

This exam is also evaluated by trained Cambrdige ESOL-certified language examiners against set criteria.
In scoring the written work, BULATS will assess:

the accuracy and appropriateness of language use
how well the ideas are organized
how effectively the piece of writing communicates its purpose.

You can download a sample demo BULATS Writing
test here.


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