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This page contains information about how you can see your exam results online and how they can also be verified by third parties who may wish to check the validity of your Cambridge English exam results.


Results Service for Candidates

If you have taken one of Vantage's Cambridge English exams we want to make sure you receive your results as quickly as possible. 

By registering at our Results Online website, you can view your results as soon as they become available. You'll also receive an email letting you know that your results have been released.                                                                      

You can register for the site at any point from when you receive your Confirmation of Entry from Vantage; you do not need to wait until after the exam.

You will need the ID number and Secret number shown on your Confirmation of Entry in order to register.

  • Results for paper-based exams are generally released around six weeks after the date of the exam.
  • Results for computer-based tests are generally released around two weeks after the exam.

All Vantage Siam KET tests are computer-based to ensure the fastest possible delivery of results. the shortest registered deadline and a host of other benefits.


How to Register 

This Results Services for Candidates is a website is for Cambridge English candidates who want to see their results online. You will first need to register by entering your: 

  •  Your ID Number
  •  Your Secret Number
  •  Your eMail Address
  •  Creating a Password
  •  Agreeing to the "Terms of Use"

Click here to enter the Results Services website.


Results Verification Service

If you want a university, employer or other organisation to verify your result, you need to provide them with the information on your Statement of Results and two additional pieces of information: 

        1. Your ID Number ( a sequence of nine letters and numbers)

        2. Your Secret Number (a four-digit number)

A result can be verified when a candidate provides their unique Candidate’s ID number and their secret number to an organisation. By sharing this information, the candidate gives permission to verify the result. 

Both of these numbers can be found on your Confirmation of Entry, which you'll receive after registering for your exam.  

They can then verify your result by logging in here.



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