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 What You Will Receive

If you are successful in the exam you will receive two documents: a Statement of Results and a Certificate.

The UKVI (formerly known as the UKBA), universities, employers and other organisations may ask you for either of these documents as proof of your English language skills. 

This page contains information about how to interpret your exam results and how your results can be verified by third parties who may wish to check the validity of your Cambridge English exam results.


  An example of how results are reported for: The KET Test

Results Score
Pass with Distinction Between 90 and 100
Pass with Merit Between 85 and 89
Pass  Between 60 and 84
Level A1 Between 45 and 59
Fail Between 0 and 44
Other results:
W - Candidate absent from part of the exam.
Z - Candidate absent from the whole exam.
Withheld - Candidate should contact the exam centre.
Pending - Candidate result is not ready yet.


Your KET Certificate

We have made enhancements to the way we report the results of our exams because we believe it is important to recognise your achievement.

Cambridge English: KET – Level B1 

Pass with Distinction 

Exceptional candidates sometimes show ability beyond A2 Level. If you have achieved a Pass with Distinction, you will receive the Key English Test Certificate stating that you demonstrated ability at Level B1.

Cambridge English: KET – Level A2 

Pass with Merit or Pass 

If you have achieved Pass with Merit or Pass in your exam, you will be awarded the Key English Test Certificate at Level A2.

Level A1 Certificate   

If your performance is below Level A2, but falls within Level A1, you will receive a Cambridge English Certificate stating that you demonstrated ability at A1 level.  

For more details, you may wish to download the Understanding your KET Statement of Results or the Understanding your PET Statement of Results at the bottom of this page.



What is the CEFR?


The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) is an international system that describes learners’ abilities in a foreign language using six levels, from A1 (the lowest) to C2 (the highest). 

Want to learn more?  To get a great introduction to the CEFR system, we recommend watching the excellent three minute video Understanding the CEFR.


What the UKVI Require

The United Kingdom Visa and Immigration (UKVI) will need to see your Statement of Results. The Certificate, which is released a few weeks after the results, is not required.

Please note that your results can also be verified by the UKVI as they have access to Cambridge English's secure servers. This is so they can verify the paper documentation of CB-KET tests with access to their online results.


View Your Results Online

Our Results Services For Candidates is a great quick way to see your results. Click here to learn how to access this easy-to-use website. 

Understanding your KET Statement of Results Download
Understanding your PET Statement of Results Download
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