Picaro Nominated for an ELTon!
In the category of Excellence in Course Innovation!

PicaroPIcaro was nominated for an ELTon  Awards in 2014 the category of Excellence in Course Innovation!  

The ELTons, presented by the British Council, are the leading teaching industry awards that recognise  innovation in English language teaching worldwide. 

The ELTons are global awards given annually by the British Council in London.   

Picaro is the first comprehensive English course incorporating a proven world-class curriculum presented using the principles of gamification.   

It’s built upon Cambridge English’s Young Learner English (YLE) curriculum.  

Picaro’s 960 games take each YLE curriculum topic and have a separate game for each of the three learning stages of Presentation, Practice and Consolidation. 

Picaro kids learn by being immersed in a world of blended learning teaching methods. Children enter the game world and learn while they're having fun through repetitive game play.  

And teachers also have access to traditional materials through Picaro’s Student books and Teacher Guides. 


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