Picaro Placement Test (PPT)


Welcome to the Picaro Placement Test (PPT)

The PPT is a three part test that tells you where a student should begin their Picaro adventure.

Picaro has four levels. Picaro's curriculum witll take a student from an A1 level (beginner) to the door of B1 (intermediate level) in the CEFR system.


The PPT is a Three Part Test

If a student successfully completed Part 1 (for Picaro Levels 1 & 2) of the PPT, the PPT will automatically go on to Part 2 ( for Picaro Level 3). A final Part 3 (Picaro Level 4) is for those who have successfully completed the second part.


How do I take the PPT?

It's simple! 

First click the "Start button" below. Then enter your school's number, grade, class, student number and student's name into the fields.

And then click "Submit".  The PPT will begin...





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