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What to do in case of an emergency?

Please ensure that you use the correct URL and that the technical settings are in place. In case of any problems, please follow the procedures below.

BULATS Online Emergency procedures:

  Check if you are using the correct testing URL www.bulatsonline.org

  Check if your Pop-Up Blocker is deactivated (Open Internet Explorer, go to “Extras” Pop-up blocker and choose “deactivate”)

  Run the 'Diagnostic Check' on your computer http://www.bulats.org/diagnostic-check/

  Run the 'Bandwith Checker' Test http://www.bulats.org/bandwidth-checker/

  Are you working with the correct token for the according test?

  Do you have the correct 'Adobe Flash Player' version?

  Do you work with 'Internet Explorer 8'? You can find this out by opening 'Internet Explorer' and clicking on the 'question mark' at the 'title bar.'  In case you do not have the correct version, please download it for free: http://www.microsoft.com/de-de/download/ie.aspx?q=internet+explorer

If you enter the token number and press 'start' an 'Internet Explorer' message appears. Press 'Allow'.

Should you still not be able to run the test, please contact us at info@vantage-siam.com

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