Vantage 360: Essential Professional English for your Career

1.75 billion people–that’s one in every four of us–can speak English. It used to be a good idea to know English to get ahead. Today it’s a must.  

If you want to be competitive in today's global workplace, knowing English is now a “basic” skill

Vantage 360 can get you on the road to success in your professional career.

Vantage 360
Vantage 360 is a series of blended work skill courses of Essential English for professionals. You will learn a specific business skill like writing emails, making presentations or negotiating techniques.

Oxford University Press "Express Series"
Vantage 360 uses a licensed digital version of Oxford's Express Series. These proven courses are for businesspeople who want to develop or improve their workplace communications skills so that they can have more success in their careers.

Each is a short, intensive 30 hour course so you can progress quickly.

Exercises in every unit allow you to review your English knowledge, learn new expressions and practice core grammatical structures.



What is blended learning?
Bended learning is the combined use of face-to-face teaching combined with online learning opportunities.

The value of tried and true classroom education has been proven over centuries. What’s new is that computer-based eLearning eliminates the distance between a classroom and effective training as it overcomes timing, attendance and travel difficulties

Anywhere. Anytime. Anyhow.
Flexibility is the hallmark of Vantage 360. Our eLearning modules can be taken in the comfort of your home or on road when you’re traveling. They work on any device a computer, tablet or a smartphone – anyplace you have internet access. And on any platform.

This means tha they can be done to your schedule when you’re fresh and ready to learn.

Proof of Proficiency
Vantage 360 comes with its own Learning Management System (LMS). This is a powerful set of reporting tools for managing your course and tracking your progress. You teacher has a complete picture of how your doing - your strengths and weakness - so they can better help your progress, 

A Comprehensive Series
The Vantage 360 programs offers a wide range of business skill development courses. We offer programs

Description: Essential English for Telephoning
Description: Essential English for eMails
Description: Essential English for Presentations
Description: Essential English for Meetings
Description: Essential English for Negotiating
Description: Essential English for Socializing


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  Essential English for Telephoning
This course builds your English speaking confidence to communicate effectively during a telephone call. It includes training in how to sequence or order a conversation and practices spelling over and the phone and ..
  Essential English for eMails
This Vantage 360 course teaches you the skills and language needed to write and replay to emails with quickly and efficienctly in the workplace.
  Essential English for Presentations
This course will provide you with the language and PowerPoint techniques to help you present powerfully in public.
  Essential English for Meetings
A Vantage 360 course that teaches the skills and language needed to participate in a meeting with confidence
  Essential English for Negotiating
This course provides learners with the appropriate language, specific intercultural skills and effective techniques necessary to be a successful negotiator.
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