ThaiBev Chooses BULATS for Scholarship Assessment
Sees Computer-Adaptive Exams as the Future of Testing

For the second year in a row, Thai Beverage Public Company Ltd. tested the English language proficiency of students through the BULATS test offered by Vantage Siam.


“Our scholarship assessment program is for the children of ThaiBev staff.  We believe in the value of a global education and the value of young Thai students becoming increasing confident in English as a second language,” said Khun Voraphot Chomcharoen, ThaiBev’s Manager for HR Department. By helping the children of our valued employees, we are helping create a ThaiBev corporate culture and family.


Khun Pakpravee Seesurasit, Vantage Siam’s Director of Sales added, “When children are exposed to other languages and cultures through books, videos and songs, they will increasingly feel comfortable in a world where cultures and business intertwine on a daily basis. Speaking more than one language is simply an element of belonging to our global society.”


Khun Voraphot Chomcharoen added, “These children will need English in a global marketplace.  ThaiBev is proud to help give them a vital head start they will need to effectively compete in tomorrow’s workplace.


The Future of Testing: Computer Adaptivity


ThaiBev chose BULATS because of its commitment to embracing technological-based solutions. BULATS is the only computer-adaptive test on the market today and provides a deadly accurate proficiency assessment. 


A computer-adaptive test is smart: it selects questions during the actual test based upon to how well you have answered the previous question.  If you answer a question correctly, the computer will choose your next question at a slightly more difficult level.  On the other hand, if you have given a wrong answer, the test will drop a level and keep dropping until you can begin answer to questions correctly. 


The BULATS Computer-Adaptive test hones in on your exact level giving the most accurate measurement of English language proficiency available today.


A typical test is approximately 55 questions and the BULATS Computer-Adaptive test chooses these from a databank of over 10,000 questions and listening tasks. That means that no two BULATS tests are identical.


ThaiBev chose BULATS not only for its unsurpassed accuracy. It’s also highly flexible and can accommodate the needs of their specific program.


 “BULATS lets us choose when, where and who to test.  That saves us both time and money and allows us to integrate the test smoothly into our training programs,“ concluded Khun Voraphot Chomcharoen.


ThaiBev is the leading beverage producer in Thailand and one of the largest beverage producers in Asia. Their business consists of four product segments: spirits, beer, non-alcohol beverages and food.


Vantage Siam is an authorized Cambridge English Exam Centre as well as Thailand’s authorized BULATS agent. Vantage also provides corporate, training, workshops and management consulting services.


For further information, please contact Khun Pakpravee at 02-245-3632 or email at

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