Improving Effectiveness & Efficiency of English Language Training
How one Chinese company solved the age old problem of measuring the effectivness of its training programs

Taikoo (Xiamen) Aircraft Engineering Company Limited (TAECO) is a joint venture, involved in the maintenance and cargo conversion of transport aircraft, as well as maintenance and company offices in Beijing and Shanghai. The training center of TAECO is directly responsible for the English language training of both existing and new apprentices, trainees, mechanics and office staff; upgrading of the English language ability of existing technical supervisors through examinations and courses.

Mr. Bruce Moore, Lead Training Officer (Language) said, “With our further extension into more 3rd party work, we could either compile our own courses and write our own examinations, or choose an examination system that was widely recognised.

Having looked at a number of available paths to take, BULATS was ideal for the business market. 

It provides company management with a perfect platform to benchmark their staff and in the recruitment of new staff.

It allows us to conduct training courses to upgrade the English level of course attendees and then provide an examination at the conclusion of the course. 

We incorporate the BULATS test into our training: course attendees take the BULATS test both before and after the training. The comparison of the results demonstrates the significant improvement of the attendees' English proficiency and it also showcases the effectiveness of the course.” 

The creating of new test questions by Cambridge ESOL is a long process involving a great deal of testing. This testing process, coupled with the method of identifying a person's English level, instilled confidence in the product.

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