Vantage TEFL Certification
American accredited TEFL Teacher Training in Thailand


Your Thailand TEFL Training Destination


Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) is a highly valued credential that schools look for when seeking qualified instructors to teach English. If you’re looking for an ESL teaching position overseas in a non-English speaking nation, the TEFL certification is for you.


The American accreditation of Vantage's TEFL certification from is recognized by reputable education institutions throughout Thailand and importantly around the world.


Vantage also provides comprehensive job support including the develment of your own individucal Power Resume and job interview job coaching during and after your course. We'll also plug you in to our Thai and global network of TEFL jobs.


Our TEFL Certification courses and our comprehensive assistance in Bangkok, Thailand makes Vantage your one-stop teacher trainer destination in Thailand.


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