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Essential English Skills…for Life

Cambridge English for Schools can give young Thai learners a big head start in life.
Parade Boy.pngEssential English skills provide that important first advantage that can lead to successful study at a very early age. This, in turn, can lead to life opportunities that can eventually enhance their entire work career.

But to achieve strong English communication abilities, you’ll need rigorous English assessments to ensure that students are learning at each step as they grow through life.


What Recent Research has Discovered

Studies suggest that at a both cognitive and academic level, children learning an additional language are more creative, better at solving complex problems and usually score higher on standardized tests.

At a personal level, the more languages a person speaks, the better access they will have to different people and resources from other countries. Additionally, it helps children to better understand other cultures, expressions and styles of communication. This can encourage children to appreciate how big the world is and will open their mind greatly – which can open many different doors in their future.


The Most Valuable English Qualifications in the World

More than 3 million students use Cambridge English for School Exams in more than 130 countries to:

Achieve international standards of English
Improve English language skills step by step
Obtain clear external evidence of progress
Get extensive advice and support on how to proceed

Our exams are designed and developed to motivate students at primary and secondary school. They bring learning to life, covering topics that students are familiar with and developing the skills they need to:

Make friends
Study and work in English


What We Offer

We are an authorised Cambridge English Exam Centre based in Bangkok.

For Thai schools and institutions, there are different levels of exam from beginner to advanced level, so students can improve their English and build their confidence step by step.

Find out more about:
Cambridge English: Young Learners (YLE)
Cambridge English: Key (KET) for Schools
Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET) for Schools


It’s a Lot More Than Just Tests

Cambridge English for School Exams doesn’t stop with the tests.

We also offer extensive learning and teaching support to help Thai schools deliver world class English teaching standards.

Explore the various “buttons” of Vantage’s English for Schools website to learn how we can help students, parents, schools and policy makers in Thailand achieve their goals of establishing benchmarks for a high standard of international communications.


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