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If children learn English when they are young, they will have a significant advantage when they leave school. A certificate from University of Cambridge English will help your child stand out from the crowd and access the best study, work and life opportunities.

Recent Research

Research has shown that bilingualism helps us understand the structure of languages.  Just as important, and can give us an in-depth view of another culture and that helps build an understanding of a different perspective.  And that, along with their English skills, will give you child a competitive edge in tomorrow’s job market when they’re all grown up.


All the World’s a Toy

Young children enjoy learning. They don’t care if an activity will improve their cognitive ability or motor skills. They just want to have enjoy doing it.

The wonderful thing about young children is that they jump right in to try out what they have learned without worrying about mistakes. They are eager to see the response they will get from other students and adults when trying out their new words and vocabulary. It is an exciting and empowering experience for children.


It’s A Global Society

Introducing children to languages when they are young helps them accept that bilingualism is normal in our world. Today speaking more than one language is simply an element of belonging to our global society. When young children are exposed to other languages and cultures at a very young age, they will feel comfortable growing up in a world where languages and cultures intertwine on a daily basis. Cambridge English for Schools:

  Improve in English and get better marks
  Understand books, television, films, songs, the internet and other media in English
  Make friends and travel around the world
  Study at university or college, either at home or in another country
  Get a better job because they can use English at work, either in Thailand or abroad

So when’s the best time to introduce a new language to your child? The answer is the earlier the better. 

Get your children started today!



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